Friday, December 1, 2006

Week 13 - Dream Big (Issue 18)

Instead of discussing the re-emergence of the Redskins defense and the big-play ability of the offense with Campbell behind center, I would like to show you where my head is at right now, this Friday before the Skins week 13 home tussle versus the dirty bird and his Falcons:


NFC Standings Through Week 13 (Yes, After Sunday)

1) Chicago (10-2)

2) New Orleans (8-4)

3) Dallas (8-4)

4) Seattle (7-5)


5) Carolina (7-5)

6) New York (6-6)


7) St. Louis (6-6)

8) Minnesota (5-7)

9) Philadelphia (5-7)

10) San Francisco (5-7)

11) Washington (5-7)

12) Atlanta (5-7)


Here's how it happens:

Redskins over Falcons (????)

Cowboys over Giants (????)

Bears over Vikings (Likely)

Panthers over Eagles (Root for the Eagles)

Rams over Cardinals (Root for Cards)

Saints over Niners (Likely)


That's right boys and girls, if the Skins win on Sunday and the Giants lose then then the B&G most likely will sit one game out of the playoffs with four weeks to go. Of course, because of losses to the Giants, Vikings, Cowboys, Eagles and Bucs, they aren't so hot on the tie-breakers. But then again - the Skins have plenty of opportunity to make up ground on their conference opponents and they get another shot at both the Eagles and Giants at home. Of the teams ahead of them, the Vikings and Niners have very tough roads ahead and the Eagles and Rams seem to be slipping as the Redskins get their footing (and we play both those teams). That leaves the G-Men. The Big Blue must continue to spiral. If they do, it opens the door for us. If they manage to put the breaks on this slide, re-stick a fork in us.


My short term prayer is that the Skins/Saints game on 12/17 will mean something (b/c I will be there), my long term prayer is the Skins finale against the Giants on 12/30 will be for the playoffs.


I know I am going off the deep end here, but it feels great to prognosticate over a potential playoff run.

I assume the Skins will break my heart on Sunday and then we can really call it a season.

If somehow they win, then they are 5-7 and looking at a home date with the Jeff Garcia-led Eagles.


Who's with me????