Monday, July 21, 2008

On Hiatus: Volume 3, Issue 2

Dearly Beloved Fans of the Feather,

I apologize for being so aloof in these early days of Training Camp 2008. As many of you know, I am currently on a Redskins Fan Recruiting/Fact Finding Mission through the Middle East. Today Israel, tomorrow Egypt, and so on. By week's end, the Burgundy and Gold will be painted all over the Middle East, and I'll have a better idea if Al-Qaeda was behind 21's death.


Because of my nomadic tendencies, lack of computer, and the costly Near East Internet Rates, I can barely track training camp appropriately, never mind report on it to you all diligently. I AM TRULY SORRY.


I will send my first comprehensive Skins Serv upon my return to Washington DC on July 30th. Until then, please keep up-to-date on all things Skins with Jason LaCanfora's Redskins blog at


Also feel free to keep me updated with emails and/or phone calls. My number is 011-972-52-566-8787.


Looking forward to a magical 08'.

Kol Tuv,



In Case You Live in a Cave (Bin Laden's new to Skins Serv):

1) Injuries - Daniels and my boy Buzbee are done for the year leaving a gaping hole at D-End. Daniels is aging and they way I see it, the Skins would have been lucky to get 8 starts out of him anyway. Buzbee's a good prospect but is nowhere near starting up here.


2) JTaylor9?- Taylor or Julius Peppers were the only options the Skins had after yesterday morning's debacle. People are scared off by Taylor's lack of focus - I ain't. A focused Skins D-line over the past 7 years hasn't been able to muster one double-digit sack guys - Taylor had 11 last year. The guy is durable - he hasn't missed a start since the Clinton Administration. He also fits under the cap. The move had to be made and it was a great one at that. The dude forces defenses to choose who they'll chip and double team and it will force teams to go to more block-heavy packages, easing up the pressure on our corners...finally.


3) Smoot - Smoot was the only other injury yesterday, and word on the street in Eilat is that he was practicing this morning. So no worries there.


4) Go to Training Camp - Training Camp is a special time and Ashburn is lovely in late July. Somebody needs to go see our boys and report back to everyone what they're looking like. Tailgate, buy lots of apparel and get autographs - its any Skins Fan's dream.


5) Pass Catchers - After being a bit down on our choice of draft picks in April, I'm now really pumped to see how Thomas, Kelly and Davis pan out. If they blossom quickly, the Skins offense could be a JUG-ERR-NAUT.