Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Week 0 – Breaking News (Vol. 0)



The Skins have agreed to a three-team deal with Denver and Atlanta, sending a 2007 third-round pick to Denver while receiving Running Back TJ Duckett from the Falcons. The Broncos sent disgruntled WR Ashlie Lelie to Atlanta.


Here's the Problem:

The Skins front office must be freaking out over CP's injury if they were willing to give up a high draft pick for Duckett. There have been reports the Skins were covering-up the extent of his injury, and those trades must confirm those suspicions.


Portis is still supposed to be ready for the 9/11 opener, but the Skins may now not rush him back as fast as they would (which could be a good thing). I am also unsure how the Skins will use Duckett, who is really more known for being a red-zone back a la Gerald Riggs. I guess Gibbs and co. are hoping that a Betts/Duckett combo will be adequate while Portis rehabs.


Duckett is a nice addition, but this trade makes me more nervous than anything else. I hate the fact that they've already taken out an insurance policy on CP.