Sunday, July 29, 2007

Training Camp Tailgate Party

It has been 221 days since my last Skins Serv email - I figured seven and a half months was enough recovery time from last year's debacle. If you want to check the archives, my last missive was dated December 1, 2006. I'll jog your memory - the Skins were 4-7 and going into a homer against the Falcons with JC behind center. Here's what I wrote " That's right boys and girls, if the Skins win on Sunday and the Giants lose then then the B&G most likely will sit one game out of the playoffs with four weeks to go."

And you never heard from me again...until now.


For those newbies to the Skins Serv, welcome! This is an email forum where I spew nonsense about our mediocre team. Some of the time it is very upbeat, positive nonsense, and most of the time it is post-loss suicide notes. I'll throw in some really good factoids and pre-game notes from Jason's blog (thanks Jason), but mostly its just email ramblings about our favorite team so all of us can avoid paying extra money for therapy.


And now to the point of the email. I am throwing a training camp tailgate party. I have been looking forward to doing this all winter long and now we're only 2 + weeks away. I hope you can all make it - we'll eat, drink, and then go watch our boys look really good in practice so we can go home and tell everyone we saw the probable super bowl champ.


If you were ever wondering where my blind, eternal optimism comes from, try Ashburn, VA on a scorching July afternoon. Have you ever seen Jason Campbell tear apart a sucky Skins secondary playing dummie defense? Have you ever seen Brandon Llloyd make acrobatic, one-handed catches on the other end of Campbell's laser-guided missiles? Have you ever seen Ladell Betts break one for 60 plus? Have you ever seen the Skins front four break through an offensive line? Or better yet, have you ever seen Carlos Rogers catch a football?


It's as close to heaven as you'll ever be.


The deets:

Sunday July 29, 2007

1:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Redskins Park

Ashburn, VA

Training Camp Day #3

(Practice at 4PM)


Can't wait to see you there.