Friday, September 22, 2006

Week 3 - Victory (Vol. 7)

Not much to write this week. Just want to wish you all a Happy New Year.

If you are like Joe Gibbs and think that G-d listens to football prayers, then go crazy in shul this weekend. If you are like people who rip on Gibbs for bringing football into religion, then please don't let the burgundy and gold cross your mind this weekend. Between the two camps, hopefully something good will come out of being in shul so much this weekend (besides all the regular stuff you pray for).


In terms of the game, it should be a celebration of Redskins football (finally). Here are some things to take note of:


1) Ron Dayne will get the start for the Texans at RB - the is music to the front-fours ears, as they finally get a week off and can focus on attacking the QB and not having to stop the run - which, with Dayne, will stop on its own.


2) Shaun Springs is hurt again - in his first practice after coming back from his surgery, the CB pulled his groin muscle (a totally separate injury) and is probably not going to play.


3) CP will make it easy - regardless of how successful CP is this week, his 25 carries should force the Texans to stuff the box and not focus as much on the Skins passing game.


4) 350 Yards - this is how many yards in the air the Texans are giving up a game. Granted one of those games was against P. Manning, but I still think the Skins will have a much easier time airing it out.


5) Weather will not be a factor - Reliant stadium has a 50/80 rule. They close shop for anything below and above those temps (or if it is raining).


That's all you need to know.


Jacksonville next week is the real test. If they can squeeze out a home miracle then there's hope.


Don't bet on it though.


Enjoy the next 48 TV-less know I will.

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