Friday, November 17, 2006

Week 11 - 260 (Issue 17)

Hey Committed Followers of the Sultans of  the Susquehanna:

My apologizes for not being in touch any sooner, but the Skins haven't really given much reason for me to write. I don't have much to say about this weeks game (NOT!!!), although I do think the Skins will win. DC will get very excited about JCampbell for a week and savor a victory over a crappy team over the Thanksgiving Holiday before Carolina comes into town and rearranges Campbell's face and mathematically eliminates us from the playoffs.


Here are some quick hitters you might be interested in:


1) Appx. 260 days until training camp 2007.

2) For those of you who aren't fond of Yair and I (and I know many are not), close your eyes and imagine the two of us standing on top of huge steps overlooking a thousand psycho Eagles fans screaming "assholes" at us. That should make you feel better. If that doesn't work, then imagine Yair and I sitting in torrential rains, gusting winds and freezing temperatures watching the Skins get slaughtered (while psycho Eagles fans continue chanting "assholes" at us).

3) RIP CP - Besides the 3-6 record, this one is the toughest for me to swallow. I had such great expectations for DollaBill this year. The poor guy spent the entire year nursing injuries, and when he was on the field, Al Saunders refused to give him the ball. Portis will undergo shoulder surgery as soon as his broken hand heals (probably 3 more weeks). Once the surgery happens, Portis will need 4-6 months of rehab. The Skins hope to have him ready for OTAs in April. The realist in me says Portis has three decent years left in the league before his body totally breaks down.

4) The Skins are only two games and a lot of tie breakers out of the playoffs. 7 wins in a row will probably get it done. Who's with me???

5) Ladell Betts might actually be good - The general feeling is that Betts is too slow - he can't hit the holes and turn the corner like CP. My feeling is that if the O-line can create some room, Betts will be very good in these last seven games. I only say this because athletes are driven by one thing - their next paycheck. Betts is a free agent after the season and he knows that 31 other NFL general managers will be watching him very closely. A couple of good games by Betts could end up sending his great-grandchildren to college.

6) Sit 'Tana (that's what his peeps call him) - Moss isn't close to 100%. He can't run a go pattern and he can't cut well. Playing him this week will only risk more injury. I really hope we don't see him out there.

7) Cross your chest for JC - Morale in DC is very high this week. I never realized the euphoria a black QB creates when he takes the helm for the Skins (its like Mardi Gras out here). I don't think Tony Banks created such a fervor, but if you walk the streets and read fan posts online, people in this city really believe that this is the second-coming of the original #17 (and the original JC). Christmas is around the corner - everyone wants to be part of a miracle, why not jump on the bandwagon? I really hope Gibbs gives the kid a shot - something tells me it won't happen. If Campbell shows any sign of weakness, you can pretty much guarantee that Byron Leftwich or Trent Green will be in camp next summer.

8) Sean Taylor - can anyone explain what the heck happened to the grim reaper this year? The only thing I can detect is that he's frustrated and trying to do too much (when he's actually near the play). You can also blame the Golden Arch for Taylor's demise - apparently Ryan Clark used to set Taylor up before every play, but this year Arch couldn't help Taylor out because he also had no idea where to be on the field. I think we'll see some progress from 21 as he gets more comfortable with Troy Vincent.

9) DFree - If you were wondering who the next big free agent bust will be, you don't have to look past big 93 in Indy. This guy is slowing down already and will command a huge salary based upon his earlier work as a speed rusher. DFree's glory days as a QB's biggest nightmare will be cut short just in time for him to get a trillion dollar Danny special and dawn the burgundy and gold.

10) Stay positive, kiddos. We are the joke of the National Football League (yet again). I recommend just laughing with everyone else, because if you opt for crying you'll probably just run out of tears.


Siesser - welcome to the 'Serv.

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