Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coaching Search Over, G-d Help Us: Volume 2, Issue 23

According to the Post's Jason LaCanfora the Redskins coaching search is finally over. Jim Fassel will take the helm as head coach, Rex Ryan will be the new defensive coordinator and Jim Zorn will be the offensive coordinator. As reported earlier in the week, Vinny Cerrato will be the team's Exec VP of Football Operations while Daniel Snyder remains the CED, Chief Evil Dictator. Williams? Gone. Saunders? Gone. The rest of the staff? Probably gone too. According to Jason, some final negotiations over Ryan's contract are still taking place at this hour, but this is pretty much a done deal.


I'll follow up with more tomorrow, but let me just say this is a total disaster. According to Jason, the Skins are being referred to as a "laughingstock" around the league and the entire organization, except for Snyder and Cerrato, is totally distraught over the situation. Expect a huge shakeup now - from the head waterboy all the way up to Dolla Bill himself.


Fassel and Co. are going to have to win over the players, fans, and this entire city. It ain't going to be easy and definitely will not be done in one year. Want my 2008 prediction? I know it's a bit early, but here it is:  7-9. If we're lucky.


It's safe to say that four years of progress just went down the tubes. Where is coach Joe and all the stability now? This is the most dysfunctional family of all time.


I am sick.

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